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         y name is Julia Lowe (aka Jules) and I am a young entrepreneur in charge of Simple Sayings by Jules. I am a freshman at Columbus College of Art & Design with a passion for people, and of course art! I have always been very determined and strong willed, so when I set my mind on something I typically do whatever I can to accomplish my goal. Simple Sayings was created when I started to receive requests for customized journals and canvases about a year ago. I saw potential and I ran with it.

These past couple of years have been full of ups and downs, but I would not change it for the world! I now take customized orders for journals, canvases, scrolls, framed wood signs, and more! From your special day to a saying that means everything to you I want to make your dream design come to life. I started this business in order to help people that need daily reminders that they are fully loved and beautiful; so I created a business where simple is better and encouragement is everything! Thank you for listening! If you would like to connect and chat about a design, contact me through email or phone. 


~ With Love,

a few of my favorite things

I am a huge morning person, so my perfect morning includes a few key things. A big cup of coffee, followed by spending time in a good book, and journaling. I enjoy the alone time where I can decompress and get ready for the day ahead of me. 


When I am at home and find myself not sure of what to do, I typically find myself 4 episodes deep in a new series on Netflix (or Hulu). My favorites include: New Girl, 90210, and This is Us.


An unpopular opinion is that I love to workout- it also gives me time to watch those shows I mentioned I may binge watch from time to time. My workout typically includes 15 minutes of strength training followed by 45 minutes of cardio (my favorite being the stepper). 


Although I try to eat decently, I find myself indulging in ice cream, cake, brownies or really anything sweet that I can find in the house. I have a major sweet tooth, but until it starts catching up to me I’m not going to worry about it.


 I love gardens and anything that is fresh or locally grown. I love attending farmers markets and supporting local businesses. Summer is the perfect time for fresh everything- that’s why it’s the best season hands down.


Anything involving botanical print is a must have; most of my friends think I am crazy for the amount of floral things I own, but I don’t see it ( the more the better). 


I love to shop, especially online. When it comes in the mail, it’s like opening a present- but you bought it for yourself. Plus, clothes and shoes are really cute; you truly cannot have too many. 


from our past clients

"Jules offers so many fun and decorative options.... And everything can be personalized!!! First class service and products!"

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from our past clients

"Julia’s talent is amazing and her custom pieces are always exactly what I wanted!"

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