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My journals are a way for you to express your inner most thoughts... the best way to represent them is by creating a one of a kind cover. The idea is that the outside of the journal is a representation of the inside- beautiful thoughts expressed through words and written down on paper. The outside is customized to represent something special in your life through the use of words, art, and anything else you love.

Scrolls are a treasure that can be hung and cherished in your home for many years to come. These pieces of art offer the vintage feel that everyone knows and loves. They are customized to relay your favorite word or phrase, and bring it to life in the form of art. They can also be customized with greenery and/or florals. Finished with a twine bow, these scrolls are perfect for a gift, or just to hang and enjoy in your own home!

These signs can be created to have a frame or no frame. They are a perfect piece to add to your home. These pieces are fully customizable, from the frame color to the words written. They are made 100% from wood and are completely handmade by Simple Sayings. These signs can have greenery, florals, or other graphics. Just tell me your favorite things and I will make your art dream come to life! 

The Process:
1) Inquire on our contact page
2) I will respond to your email and make sure I get as many details as possible, such as: special phrases, florals, mountains, greenery, 
3) I will collect a 30% deposit
4) I will design a proof created on Procreate. Once final proof is approved I will start production 
5) In 2-3 weeks you will receive an email with the final product attached; and if you have any additional designs to add, email me with the requests and I will be happy to make them
6) Once finalized, I will send out your finished journal tied in a nice bow and ready to be written in!

The Process:
1) Inquire on our contact page
2) Let me know exactly what you want- the words you want and any other design features
3) Once I receive your 30% deposit, I will start production
4) Then, in 2-3 weeks I will send you an email with the final design and if you would like to add anything extra I would be more than happy to do that for you
5) Once it is perfect and to your liking, I will send out the final product for you to cherish and enjoy!

2-3 weeks

5-6 weeks


The Process:
1) Inquire about a wood sign on the contact page
2) I make sure I know what your vision is and you tell me everything you want 
3) I send you a design created on procreate (you can approve or request changes)
4) Once you approve, you put a 30% deposit down and we start production
5) In 5-6 weeks you will be emailed with the final product and if you need to add anything I would be happy to add more florals or whatever you may love!
6) Once your piece is everything you wanted, we will send it out for you to enjoy

My painting by Julia is beautiful! My mom provided Julia with a saying, my favorite flowers and my room color...Julia did the rest. Julia is talented, professional, and customer oriented. I highly recommend her!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take? 

How much will it cost? 

What surfaces can you paint on? 

How long can the sayings be? 

Can you add flowers and designs? 

Do you have examples of your work? 

How can I pay you? 

Do you ship pieces of art? 

Do you do all art by hand? 

How long have you been
doing art/hand lettering? 

Do you require a deposit? 

Depending on the piece and season we are in, it will vary. The average timeline is listed on the services page. Generally it takes around 2-6 weeks, however it could take less time.

My pieces are fully custom, so whatever you want, you get! Add all the flowers (or other designs), you would like!!

I do! Follow @simplesayingsbyjules to see frequent updates. My website also has many pieces I have created.

You can pay me through Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check (through mail).

Yes! I can ship anything, however there would be additional costs for shipping. (shipping costs, box, and filler paper/bubble wrap)

Yes, I require a 30% deposit for all projects. Do you do all art by hand? Yes I create it fully customized, and I also can create designs using my iPad Pro.

Around December of 2017 I started to practice hand lettering, but I have always loved to paint. I started getting better around the summer of 2018, and have had a passion ever since. I wrote a blog post on how my passion sparked so check it out for the full story!

Well this depends on the size your piece as well as the cost it is for me to buy it. Once you send an inquiry I will give you an estimate and ranges for each item are listed under the services page.

I have painted and written on pretty much anything you can think of! As long as it works I can do it, so do not be afraid to ask me!! (I have done glass, wood, canvas, frames, shells, etc.)

As long as you want, as long as they fit on the piece you have requested. Send an inquiry and we can discuss that piece!

Yes I create it fully customized, and I also can create designs using my iPad Pro.

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